Strato out


design Raffaello Galiotto


It looks like a sculpture made of sand but with the mysterious light coming out of it. The original outdoor lighting collection made in travertine stone with the strato finish creates environments and atmospheres of great impact and charm.


Strato out is a lighting fixture aesthetically very calm and comforting, a game of balance between material and workmanship, the glorification and preservation of marble greatest characteristics. The slot for the light diffusion is powerful but very simple; the corners are slightly rounded but never sharp, as if the purity of a millennium material had been gently processed by the natural elements.


This product can be customized according to your needs in different:​

  • Materials* Make you inspire from our selection of Exclusive Materials

Technical detail

The Strato collection can be described as a perfect balance between the natural material, high technology and human work, where the marble is being processed in a way to preserve its best characteristics. The travertine with all of its tones when combined with the light is making a magnificent shadow play.  



suspension lamp

diameter 28 cm

Strato small T

Table lamp

made on-block

of marble

diameter 20 cm

Strato large S

Suspension lamp

made on-block

of marble

Strato small S

Suspension lamp

made on-block

of marble

diameter 16 cm






Marmi Serafini  via Castiglione 5, Chiampo - Italy

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