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The ability to create complete interiors: choosing a proper block of marble, wall covering and finishes allows you to create sophisticated spaces, with the best choice of colors and tones given by the nature. The Marmi Serafini technical team will support the project in every detail in order to achieve full potential of every request, and will create unique and refined spaces.


Thanks to the collaboration with both private clients and Italian and International Architects and Design studios, we always have new distinguishing residential and commercial projects. 


A desire to create an elegant, striking space led to a dark wall coverings illuminated with small LED lamps, big format flooring and a backlit marble slabs bar counter. 


Bar counter, lounge bar, flooring, wall coverings and stairs


Nero Marquinia, Ash grey, Calacatta



Cantilevered staircase

This cantilevered staircase are the result of modern and ancient interaction. Very elegant and classic the stairs reflect a sharp shadows on the wall, creating an unexpected interplay of light. 


Bianco Asiago

Sacred ornaments

The project is designed to fit into recently constructed church: modern but classic and elegant; rigorous but sophisticated. Navona travertine and finishing layer were combined and repeated to make a religious space simple and elegant.


altar, the pulpit, the choir seats and wall coverings



Outdoor illuminated starcase

An entrance and a small stairway with steps that follow the contours of the ground leading up to the entrance door. This project, that was designed for a private studio, has an extraordinary scenic impact resulting from the fusion of the design and light.


Stairs, tops, path, lighting


Lumachella marble

Garden structure

The customer has commissioned for his garden an external structure that is matching with the surrounding environment while exalting an element to which he has always been very fond of: the historic wisteria of their garden.


flooring, risers and structural columns




Arch. Matteazzi

Interior staircase

Simple and modern space in neutral white and gray tones. The choice of the facourite client's material such as Siena Brown stone creates a balanced contrast with an ordinary light polished floor.   .


Stairs, flooring, wall coverings and arch 


Siena Brown


Arch. Colpo 


Subtle colors and design make this country-style tavern a family and welcoming environment. The rustic style required by the customer is best expressed in the large basin decorated with a still life in bas-relief.


Giallo Reale Rosato






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