design Raffaello Galiotto


With their minimal and clean shape, this Appliqué reminds us of a treasure chest pervading a double directed light. These lamps are characterized by a young and fresh dash and arise from the idea of combining clever and functioning solutions with solid, synthetic shapes. 


Functionality, minimal simplicity and particular charming light allow these wall lamps to meet different requirements, from residential to commercial.


Available both for indoor and outdoor spaces



This product can be customized according to your needs in different:​

  • Materials* Make you inspire from our selection of Exclusive Materials

Technical detail

Compacted and artificial lines, minimalist style , retro and easy-chic look, fun approach is even more enjoyable with the latest arrivals Spiralitosa, Chapeau, Pedra and Sinusoide lamps, young and fresh products.



suspension lamp

diameter 28 cm


Table lamp

made on-block

of marble

diameter 16 cm


Suspension lamp

made on-block

diameter 30 and 40 cm

Strato out

Outdoor lamps

made on-block

of marble

height 40/80/220 cm






Marmi Serafini  via Castiglione 5, Chiampo - Italy

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