Tosca Bath | Marmi Serafini
Tosca Bath | Marmi Serafini

Tosca Bath


The newest member of the Marmi Serafini bathroom collection is TOSCA: a magnificent washbasin made of a single solid piece of marble.


The large dimensions and the elegant silhouette certainly does not go unnoticed. This sink is showing in the best way different tones of natural material, and is allowing you to be fascinated with its unique marble veining. 


This product can be customized according to your needs in different:​

  • Materials* Make you inspire from our selection of Exclusive Materials

  • Finishes* Make your product unique with our Exclusive Finishes

  • Dimensions* Ask for custom size.

Technical detail

An intense melodrama, a combination of shapes and sizes exalts the best of the marble veining and colors. enchanting lines are in contrast with dissonant harmonies And  emphasizing the majesty of Tosca, A creation that “lived for art and for love”. The latest arrival is already the protagonist of our story: not a simple sink but a bright star of the Opera bathroom collection designed by Marmi Serafini.

Circle high

Freestanding washbasin

made on-block

with stone drainpipe cover

Circle shower 2

Shower tray

made on-block

with stone drainpipe cover


Modular system with assembled sinks and containers available with or without drawers inside

Punta medium

Countertop washbasin

made on-block

with stone drainpipe cover






Marmi Serafini  via Castiglione 5, Chiampo - Italy

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