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Marble, an ancient and precious material that thanks to its inimitable veining and wide experimentation possibilities allows the creation of unique items.


This noble material can be enhanced in several ways: by highlighting its unique veining with fine finishes or open book achievements; by creating multiple visual perceptions through wide range of decorating surfaces, finishes and tridimensional modeling.





The marble and stone are natural products and may have sensible variations in color, texture, shades, intrusion of material and filling. This is to be considered a quality because it adds value to the final product making it unique and exclusive.


Materials such as marble and stones are by nature particularly delicate and require careful use and careful maintenance, this to keep unchanged the initial aesthetic and functional qualities (brilliance, mechanical strength,...). The preservation and essential characteristics of the products Marmi Serafini will be retained for a long time if the end user respects and follows a few simple rules of ordinary day care and regular maintenance.


In the attached document, you can find all the necessary information to maintain your product in better way, for any doubt please contact Marmi Serafini’s team.








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