GOLA 220 |  Serafini Marmo Luce
GOLA 220 |  Serafini Marmo Luce

Gola 220


design Raffaello Galiotto


Entirely made of Carrara CD marble, Gola is a line of outdoor lamp that combines the purity of an ancient marble with the creative designer ability and the company production capabilities that uses sophisticated technology for 3D processing. The rigorous design is softened by gracefully rounded edges and the smoothness of the stone, the main features that makes Gola slender and wiry.


The lamps are available in three different sizes to meet the different garden decorations: 40, 80 and 220 cm



This product can be customized according to your needs in different:​

  • Materials* Make you inspire from our selection of Exclusive Materials

Technical detail

A collection of outdoor lighting inspired by deepness of the cave.  Gola represents one elegantly looking monolith with rigorous lines, but with a curious and ironic spark coming out of its profound deepness.


Wall lamp

for indoor and outdoor

Strato out

Outdoor lamps

made on-block

of marble

height 40/80/220 cm

Gola 80

Outdoor lamp

in marble

height 80 cm

Gola 40

Outdoor lamp

in marble

height 40 cm






Marmi Serafini  via Castiglione 5, Chiampo - Italy

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