Cono Sgabello | Marmi Serafini

Cono sgabello


Simple and slender lines, rounded and soft boards, subtle e and elegant edges: a solid stool in soft and sinuous design able to embrace every bathroom style.

Technical detail

Our story continues with simple and soft lines. A touch of elegance and refined discretion that enriches every ambient, giving a fresh and modern touch to the bathroom. Minimalistic lines of Cono are gently intensifies the voice of the marble,  who whisper its centuries-old history. 

Cono medium

Countertop washbasin

made on-block

stone drainpipe cover

Cono panca


made on-block

Cono high

Freestanding washbasin

made on-block

stone drainpipe cover

Cono bath

Freestanding bathtub

made on-block

stone drainpipe cover


This product can be customized according to your needs in different:​

  • Materials* Make you inspire from our selection of Exclusive Materials

  • Finishes* Make your product unique with our Exclusive Finishes

  • Dimensions* Ask for custom size.






Marmi Serafini  via Castiglione 5, Chiampo - Italy

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